Throwing a party and feeling a little lost? Feel like you need a guide to balloons for kids’ birthday parties? You’re in luck because that’s what we’re bringing you today!

Birthday parties are all about the fun and excitement, especially for our little ones who eagerly await their special day. And what better way to add a touch of whimsy and color to the party than with balloons?

Balloons are a fantastic decoration that can instantly change the mood to one of delight and cheer, and they’re a favorite among the kids. In this article, we’ll discuss several helpful tips for making the most out of the balloons at your child’s birthday party. If you’re not the one to DIY you can hire us to handle the balloon decor for your birthday parties!

Organic balloons for kids' birthday parties - Garland on Bounce House for Kids Birthday

Tip 1: Pairing Balloons with Other Party Decorations

Balloons can be paired with several other party decorations to create an overall aesthetic that’s fun and playful. Since birthday parties are supposed to be lively events, including fun decorations like these will set the tone for an unforgettable time.

Make that the colors of the balloons and other decorations complement each other to maintain harmony and avoid chaos.

Pairing Balloons with Bounce Houses

Bounce houses are a popular attraction for kids’ birthday parties. To make your party even more fun, pair the bounce house with balloons. Hang balloons from the top of the bounce house, or tie balloons to the corners to make the party area more festive and colorful. You can also designate a balloon area where kids can play and create fun balloon games.

Tip 2: Quality Balloons for Outdoor Parties

An outdoor party is one of the best ways to enjoy the cool breezes and beautiful sunshine especially if you’re having a fall birthday. However, outdoor activities can be tricky, and balloons that aren’t of high quality are susceptible to burst under high temperatures or adverse weather, leaving you with a cloudless, deflated party scene.

It is essential to choose high-quality balloons made from durable materials explicitly designed for outdoor events. They are more expensive, but I promise they will last longer and keep you from having a very sad day if they all deflate or pop in the sunshine. Just say no to shriveled balloons.

Tip 3: Balloon Games for Kids

The fun doesn’t have to stop with balloons as decorations. You can also create fun games for your little ones with them. Some popular games include balloon toss, where kids toss balloons back and forth to each other without them touching the ground, and balloon scavenger hunts, where kids hunt for the balloons spread around the party area, or you can set up a balloon obstacle course where kids have to navigate through a course while keeping a balloon in the air without touching the ground. Another fun game is balloon relay races, where teams have to race while carrying a balloon between their legs or under their arms. These games are sure to keep the kids amused and entertained throughout the party. At least until it’s time for cake.

Caterpillar balloon garland for 1st birthday party

Birthday around a Holiday? Add That Into Your Design

Incorporating a holiday theme, like Christmas or Halloween, into a kid’s birthday party with balloon decorations can be a fun and creative endeavor. Here are some ideas:

  • Balloon Wreath: Create a Halloween-themed balloon wreath for the entrance of your party. You can use black, orange, and white balloons, and perhaps incorporate some small ghost or pumpkin designs.
  • Balloon Walkway: Use balloons to create a spooky walkway that leads to the party. This could include balloon ghosts or jack-o’-lanterns.
  • Balloon Art and Face Paint: Incorporate Halloween-themed balloon art and face paint into your party activities. Children can have fun making their own balloon monsters or getting their faces painted with classic Halloween characters.
  • Festive Balloon Decor: There’s no shortage of ways to incorporate festive balloon decor into your party. Consider creating a balloon arch with Halloween colors or a balloon backdrop for fun photo ops.
  • Theme-based Birthday Decorations: Transform the party into an unforgettable experience by creating a Halloween-themed environment with balloon decorations. This could include a haunted house made from balloons or a balloon spider web.

Remember, the key is to keep the decorations kid-friendly and not too scary. With these ideas, you’re sure to throw a memorable Halloween-themed birthday party with balloon decorations!

You can do the same thing with any other holiday. Christmas, 4th of July, Shark Week, Super Bowl, New Years. The list is never ending. 

Popular Color Choices for Boys, Girls, and Co-Parties

When choosing balloon colors for your party, think about the theme and the birthday child’s preferences. For boys’ parties, popular colors are blue, green, and red. My kids chose black and purple though, so to each their own. Have fun with it!

For girls’ parties, pink, purple, and pastel colors are popular choices. For co-parties, consider using a mix of both gender-neutral colors, such as yellow, orange, and white.

Again, this is totally up to the personality of your kids. You know them! And to be honest, and I know this is hard, but even if you don’t think it will look the best – let the kids have their day! Maybe their choices aren’t the ones you’d choose but Instagram can deal with it, let’s make the kids happy!

Popular Balloon Decorations

Balloon garlands, arches, and balloon towers are popular balloon decorations for birthday parties. Balloon garlands can be strung across the party area for a fun and festive look. Balloon arches can be used as a backdrop for photos or to designate a special party area, such as the cake table. Balloon towers can be used to add height and dimension to your party decorations.


Balloons are a must-have decoration for any kids’ birthday party, but it’s important to choose quality balloons that can withstand outdoor conditions and prioritize safety. Pair balloons with other party attractions, like bounce houses, and create fun balloon games for kids to play.

When choosing balloon colors and decorations, consider the theme and the birthday child’s preferences. With these tips, you can create a fun and festive atmosphere for your child’s special day. If you’re in the Johnson City, Bristol, Kingsport, and surrounding areas of TN and southwest Virginia, Garland Girl can help create the perfect balloon garlands, arches, and decor for your party.