Grab and Go Balloon Garlands are great for busy parents, slammed party planners, businesses throwing a retirement party, or anyone who wants to make a big impact in a fun way!

Party planning can be a time-consuming and stressful endeavor, especially when it comes to decorating. I’ve said this before but it’s one of the main reasons I started doing this!

I had so many family and friends who wanted to throw a really fun party but then spent most of the time before stressing about getting everything put together and ready for the big day and truthfully they didn’t enjoy it as much as they thought they would.

Grab and Go Balloon Garlands by Garland Girl in Johnson City, Tennessee

When balloon garlands started to become a popular trend I had friend after friend reach out to see if I would make one for them. They saw it on Instagram and had to have it.

I mean, who doesn’t want a stunning arrangement of balloons in various sizes, colors, and patterns? They were short on time and honestly didn’t feel like spending 10 hours trying to learn how to make one (and failing – yes, that did happen to a friend!)

So we thought, why not have organic grab and go balloon garlands – a pre-assembled, easy-to-transport solution that can transform any space into a festive wonderland and turn any occasion into a reason to celebrate? 

In this post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of grab-and-go garlands, from what they are to how to transport them and everything in between.

I make grab and go balloon garlands for Johnson City, TN, and the surrounding areas of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia (Kingsport, Bristol, Abingdon)! If you want to order one from me – just fill out this form to start your balloon design!

If you’re not in my area I’m sure with a quick search you can find someone that makes them near you. You can use this post as a guide to know what to look for and what questions to ask!

What are Grab and Go Balloon Garlands?

Grab-and-go balloon garlands are pre-made balloon arrangements designed for easy transportation and quick setup at your event. These garlands typically feature a mix of different balloon sizes and colors and can be made to suit the theme or color scheme of your party. We mostly use latex balloons to make most of the garland and use foil balloons as fun accents!

They’re a perfect solution for busy party planners or those who are not confident in their DIY skills because they save so much time and effort while still providing a stunning visual impact.

Ever wondered what the difference is in a balloon garland and a balloon arch?

Example of a Grab & Go Balloon Garland that is 6ft long

Best Ways to Transport a Garland

One of the main advantages of grab-and-go balloon garlands is its portability. However, it’s essential to transport it carefully to avoid any damage to the balloons. Here are some tips to ensure your garlands arrive at their destination in perfect condition:

  1. Gently fold the garland in sections, taking care not to squash or puncture the balloons. This will make it easier to fit into your vehicle and reduce the risk of damage during transportation. They are sturdier than you think but you still have to be careful.
  2. Secure the garland in a large, lightweight bag or box to protect it from dirt, moisture, and other potential hazards. This will also help keep the garland organized and prevent it from getting tangled.
  3. Be cautious of extreme temperatures, as they can affect the integrity of the balloons. For example, excessive heat can cause the balloons to expand and potentially burst, while freezing temperatures can make them brittle and more prone to popping. It’s best to transport the garland in a temperature-controlled environment, such as an air-conditioned car, to minimize these risks.

5 Star Review for Garland Girl Creative!

She took care of everything and made the whole process easy.

I highly recommend Kasey! She is efficient, detail-oriented, and fun to work with. She took care of everything and made the whole process easy.

The balloon mermaid tail for our daughter’s birthday party looked amazing and received lots of compliments. Our daughter smiled with excitement when she saw it at her party. I will definitely call her again.

Ami Nadolsky
Johnson City, TN

How Many Feet are in a Grab-and-Go Balloon Garland?

The length of a grab-and-go balloon garland can vary depending on the specific product or your preferences. Common lengths range from 5 to 9 feet, but many garland makers offer customization options to create a garland that perfectly fits your event’s needs.

At Garland Girl, we end our grab-and-go options at 9 feet.

How much are grab and go garlands?

Online you’ll find prices all over the place! There are prices that are outrageous and some that you’ll wonder how they can do it for so little. It’s usually good to find someone who prices in the middle of that. That way you know they usually know what they are doing and know what kind of market they are in! 

Our pricing starts at $20/ft, up to 3 colors with a 9ft maximum for grab and go. Once you get beyond 9 feet or more colors we move into the custom garland category and that’s where we can also offer delivery or installation!

When choosing the right size for your celebration, consider factors such as the size of the space, the number of guests, and the overall aesthetic you’re aiming for.

Order your grab and go balloon garland

How to Choose the Perfect Grab-and-Go Balloon Garland for Your Party

To ensure your grab-and-go balloon garland is the perfect addition to your event, keep these factors in mind:

  1. Theme and color scheme: Choose a garland that complements your event’s theme or color palette. Many people offer a range of pre-designed options, but you can also request a custom design to match your specific vision. Just give as much information as you can when you’re filling out your order form and that way they can get back to you without as much back and forth!
  2. Length: Consider the size of your venue and where you plan to display the garland. Measure the area you want to cover and choose a garland length that will fill the space without looking too cramped or sparse.
  3. Accessories and embellishments: Add an extra touch of personality to your garland with accessories like flowers, foliage, or tassels for graduation parties. Many makers offer these as add-ons or can incorporate them into your custom design. Pick something that you love and make it fun!

By following the tips provided in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to select, transport, and display the perfect grab-and-go balloon garland for your next party or gathering. It’s such a stress relief to be able to shop for ready-made garlands that you can just pick up and take with you!

Make Your Party Pop with Grab and Go Balloon Garlands

Beyond their eye-catching appearance and making your party really pop, grab-and-go balloon garlands can also serve a variety of practical purposes at your event. Here are some creative ways to incorporate them into your celebration:

  1. Photo backdrop: Create an Instagram-worthy photo opportunity by using a garland as the backdrop. Pick colors that match your event. Maybe even add a jumbo balloon or two and your guests will love posing for pictures in front of this colorful and unique display.
  2. Entryway: Make a grand entrance by adorning your event’s entryway with a balloon garland. This will set the tone for your celebration and make guests feel welcomed and excited as soon as they arrive.
  3. Table decor: Use a smaller garland as a centerpiece for your dining or dessert table, adding a festive touch and tying together your event’s theme and color scheme.
  4. Ceiling decoration: Suspend a garland from the ceiling to create a stunning overhead display. 

In Conclusion – Time to Celebrate!

Grab and go balloon garlands are a game-changer for busy parents,  party planners, and decorators, offering a quick and easy way to create a stunning visual impact at any event. With their convenience, versatility, and customizable nature, these garlands have become a must-have for celebrations of all kinds.