Graduation balloon garlands are the perfect way to tell your loved one how proud you are of them! And you get to flex your creative muscles and show all those other parents just how cool you really are. 🙂

You’ve got a kid about to graduate and step into the big wide world. Crazy, right? Or maybe you’ve gone back to school and you’re throwing yourself a party as a way to celebrate all the hard work you put in. You deserve it!

As we gear up to celebrate these massive milestones, let’s talk about how to make their party pop with some balloon garland magic.

At Garland Girl, we make custom graduation balloon garlands for Johnson City, TN, and the surrounding areas. If you’re in Bristol, Kingsport, Gray, Jonesborough, Elizabethton, and even Southwest Virginia then we’d love to help you create your dream balloon garland and ultimate celebration and take all the stress off of you!

Just enjoy your time with your family and friends.

Ordering Graduation Balloon Garlands in Johnson City TN made easy!

Graduation Balloon Garlands: What’s the Deal?

Think of graduation balloon garlands as the life of the party. They’re basically a bunch of balloons of different sizes and colors, all strung together in an organic shape to brighten up the space. You can drape ’em, hang ’em, or even run them down the center of your food table. These garlands are all about bringing your party vibe to life.

Read this to learn the differences between balloon garlands and balloon arches!

We offer both custom balloon garlands and a grab-and-go option that is a great option for balloon garlands that are 4′ – 9′!

Our grab-and-go garland prices start at $20/ft, for up to 3 colors. 9ft maximum for grab and go. Anything over 9ft is a custom balloon garland!

They are fully created and assembled by Garland Girl but picked up, hung, and styled by YOU using our super simple hanging instructions. 

Please note: Pick-up is at my home in Johnson City, TN.

Start your order here!

Picking Your Balloon Colors

Choosing the colors for your balloon garland is where the fun really starts. Say you’re kid is graduating from Science Hill or maybe ETSU â€“ sure, you could stick with the school colors, but why not mix it up?

You could go with your kid’s favorite colors, match the party theme, or even pick some trendy color combos. How about some sparkly metallics for a glam touch, or pastels for a chill, stylish vibe? Just pick a palette that screams “This is so Reece (but you can insert your kids’ name here)!”

Celebrate the year with number balloons. These made any graduation celebration more fun.

School Mascots and “Class of” Balloons

If you’re keen to throw in some school spirit, why not add some mascot balloons to the mix? You could even get balloons printed with the school logo. It’s all about personalizing your party and making it extra fun.

And don’t forget the “Class of” balloons. Not only do they shout out the graduation year, they also make great photo backdrops. Think of the Insta-worthy snaps!

Spelling it Out with Balloon Letters

Why not use your balloon garland to say something? Letter balloons can spell out a message, your kid’s name, or even some inspirational words. Go for letters in a stand-out color to make sure your message gets noticed. You can get balloon numbers too. You can really have some fun with these graduation decorations! 

We’ve even had people do a joint birthday party and graduation party. That way you get two parties with one set of balloons!

Using foil letters to spell out a message is a fun way to make your graduation balloon arch pop!

Getting Your Order In

To make sure you get the balloons you want, and they’re all set up in time for the party, it’s a good idea to order at least two weeks in advance. This gives you enough time to sort out any special order balloons and customizations and ensures your balloon garland is ready to rock the party.

Graduation balloon garlands are versatile, customizable decorations that can turn your graduation party from meh to amazing. These are party balloons afterall!

With a little planning and a dash of creativity, you can create a balloon garland that’s the perfect match for your party’s vibe. Remember, this is all about celebrating a massive achievement!

10 Graduation Balloon Garland Ideas and Creative Ways to Use Them in Johnson City, TN

  1. Photo Booth: Use the graduation balloon garland as a backdrop for a photo booth. Everyone loves taking pictures, and having a fun, colorful backdrop would make the memories even more special.
  2. Entrance Decoration: Use the balloon garland to decorate the entrance of your graduation party. This can create a grand and festive atmosphere as soon as guests arrive.
  3. Dinner Table Centerpiece: Lay the balloon garland in the center of the dining table. You can intertwine fairy lights within the balloons for a magical touch. Use them to really showcase your flower bouquets and match the colors of your other party supplies!
  4. Stage Decoration: If there’s a stage where the graduation ceremony or speeches are being held, use the balloon garland as part of the stage decor.
  5. Create a Balloon Arch: Use the balloon garland to create an archway for graduates to walk through as they enter the party or receive their diplomas.
  6. Balloon Trail: Create a pathway or trail with the balloon garland leading to a specific area like the backyard, pool, or another fun location at the venue.
  7. Hanging DĂ©cor: Hang the balloon garland from the ceiling, creating a stylish and eye-catching decor piece. This could work especially well if the party is held in a tent or marquee.
  8. Wall Decoration: Use the balloon garland to decorate a blank wall or create a full balloon wall. You can add some graduation-themed props like mortarboards (that’s the cap you wear at graduations), diplomas, and pictures to make it more personalized and fun.
  9. Gift Table Decoration: Decorate the gift table with the balloon garland. This would draw attention to the gifts and add to the overall festive atmosphere.
  10. Cap Toss Background: Set up the balloon garland as the backdrop for the iconic cap toss moment. This would make for memorable photos that the graduates would treasure.

So, we’ve chatted about the basics of a grad balloon garland, but let’s get into the nitty-gritty, shall we? Here’s some more advice to make your balloon garland adventure a total breeze.

To DIY or Not to DIY Your Grad Balloon Garland

Now, you might be wondering whether to roll up your sleeves and create your own balloon garland or to save time (and potentially, sanity) by buying one or hiring a pro.

Here’s the deal: DIY can be a fun project if you’re the crafty type. There are tons of online tutorials, and it can be a real money-saver. But remember, it can also be time-consuming. Lots of people try to find a graduation balloon garland kit online and when they get it they just aren’t happy with it. You might not think too much about it, but there are a lot of low-quality balloons online. Be careful!

On the flip side, buying one or hiring a pro can be a massive time-saver, and you’ll likely get a more polished result. But it’ll probably cost more. So, think about what’s more important to you: time (and stress) or money.

Balloon Types: Latex, Foil & More

When you’re choosing your balloons, consider the types available. Latex balloons are a popular choice because they’re versatile and come in a rainbow of colors. Foil balloons are shiny and festive, and they’re great for letter balloons or adding some sparkle to your garland. We’ll work with you to choose the right product. They all have a place to help make something amazing. You can even use some helium balloons to help create something different.

Size and Placement: Go Big or Go Home?

How big should your graduation balloon garlands be? And where should you put it? Well, balloon size and garland size is really down to personal preference and the space you have available. As for placement, popular options include the entrance, over the buffet table, or as a photo booth backdrop. Just remember to put it somewhere it’ll make an impact and not get in the way of the party action.

We like them big! Go statement balloons. 🙂

Safety First!

Balloon garlands are fun decorations, but they need to be secure. Make sure yours is safely anchored so it doesn’t take a trip around the party venue. And keep it out of reach of young kids and pets – balloons can be a choking hazard if they pop.

After the Party: Reuse or Recycle?

What should you do with your graduation balloon garlands when the party’s over? If it’s still in good shape, you could definitely reuse it. Foil balloons can often be deflated and re-inflated. If it’s time to say goodbye, though, make sure you dispose of your balloons responsibly. Most latex balloons are biodegradable, but foil balloons and balloon ribbons aren’t, so they need to go in the trash.

Make sure to clean up well. We do not want birds to pick up popped balloons or have them make their way into the water!

Other Decorative Elements: Lights, Flowers, Banners, Oh My!

Want to take your graduation balloon garlands to the next level? Try adding other decorative elements and accessories. Fairy lights can add a magical touch, especially for evening parties.

Silk flowers or leaves and branches (just be careful not to pop your balloons) can give your garland a beautiful natural look. You can even add banners or pennants with a congratulatory message or the grad’s name. Just a few quick finishing touches can have this graduation party feeling fancy!

You can even add a couple of balloon towers around the event to make the party really pop!

Budget Savvy Balloon Garlands

Lastly, let’s talk about the budget. Graduation balloon decor doesn’t have to break the bank. They can be a great choice if you’re looking for affordable party decorations!

Choose more affordable latex balloons for the bulk of your graduation balloon garlands and use special balloons (like foil letters or mascot balloons) sparingly as accents and you’ll keep that price down. If you’re DIYing, you can try to find a friend who will let you borrow a balloon pump instead of buying one.

So there you have it! With these tips and tricks, you’ll be a balloon garland pro in no time (or now you know someone you can hire – me!).

At Garland Girl we like to have fun with it and let your decorations show just how proud you are.

Party on and don’t forget the party favors!